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Professor Tim Dowding is Teaming-up with ISLF

Professor Tim Dowding, School of Business, University of Connecticut, is an expert in instructional media with over 20 years experience in training and education in instructional design and development. He possesses a broad range of technical and managerial expertise in multimedia projects and computer software training.

In 2010, Professor Dowding visited Sri Lanka, travelled widely within the country and met with high ranking politicians and professionals to identify projects that would benefit the people of Sri Lanka. During this trip to Sri Lanka, Professor Dowding conceived a project that would integrate renewable energy, water management, crop and fodder production and best practices livestock management to improve the performance of dairy cooperatives. He was also interested in improving higher education in information technology in Sri Lanka.

During the past two months, Professor Dowding is working with ISLF Directors, promoting two projects that tie-up with his experience in Sri Lanka, namely, (a) improving the performance of dairy cooperatives in the Vavuniya District of Sri Lanka; and (b) establishing a Technical Training Institute at Trincomalee.

At a meeting held on February 21 2012 in New York, Professor Dowding and ISLF Directors Mr. G. Amarasingham, Professor S. Thevanayagam and Dr. A. Kandiah discussed ways and means of going forward with the two projects. A project formulation mission to Sri Lanka is planned for the summer of 2010, during which project documents would be formulated with respect to the two projects. In Sri Lanka, the mission will collaborate with Sewalanka Foundation, relevant universities, Government institutions, dairy cooperatives and other relevant stakeholders. Potential collaboration with USAID and other donors was discussed at the meeting.

Figure- Professor Dowding with Directors, Dr. Kandiah, Mr. Amarasingham and Prof. Thevanayagam at the New York meeting.




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