Needs of the Resettled People in the Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu Districts – Part 2

ISLF commissioned a “Need Assessment Study in the Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu Districts of Sri Lanka” in order to assess the socio-economic and livelihood status of the resettled people. The study was undertaken by Professor S. Rajadurai, former Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Jaffna. Excerpts from this study will be presented in a series of feature articles. The read the full text of the study please visit the Resource Center of the website.


Part 2: The Agriculture Sector in the District of Mullaitivu [February 2012]

The aftermath of the internal conflict

Since the early 1980s, the Northern and Eastern provinces have been ravaged by the internal conflict between LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government. It was estimated to have costed the lives of about 80,000 people and resulted in severe physical and psychological trauma to many more. It has led to repeated instances of large-scale displacements of civilians and fostered exodus of many thousand people to other countries.

The government, in January 2010, announced its intention to return a significant number of IDPs to their places of origin. The pace of exits from the camps was initially very slow, but picked up later. As of October 2011, a total of 138,501 families (455,444 people) have been settled in all five districts of Northern Province.

Table 1 Resettlement in the four Districts of the Northern Province as at 15.10.2011

District No. of DS divisions No. of DS divisions No. of families settled Total population Percentage of total No. of families in the relieve campus
Anandakumarasamy camp Kathirkamar camp
Family Population Family Population
Jaffna 15 47 36114 11159 26% 2279* 2540 10178* 3384
Kilinochchi 04 95 37981 120724 27.5%
Mullaitivu 05 113 28795 91006 20.7%
Mannar 05 150 24447 94569 17.7%
Vavuniya 04 90 11164 37926 8.1%
Total 33 865 138501 455384 100%

* Families belonging to Mullaitivu district

Needs Assessment of the Kilinochchi District

Figure 1 Map of the Kilinochchi District

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