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Family Poultry to Recent Returnees in the Resettlement Areas

International Sustainable Livelihood Foundation (ISLF)
Project Summary
Project Title Family Poultry to Recent Returnees in the Resettlement Areas
Project Location Districts of Vanni, Northern Province, Sri Lanka
Objectives The objective of the project is to strengthen the livelihood of a targeted population of 1000 resettled families in the Vanni region of the Northern Province by promoting a semi-intensive system of family poultry farming.
Project areas

Districts and AGA Divisions of the project area.

Kilinochchi District Mannar District Mullaitheevu District Vavuniya District
AGA Divisions Kandavalai Madhu Manthai East Vavuniya
Karachchi Mannar Maritimepattu Vavuniya North
Pachchilaipalli Manthai West Oddusuddan Vavuniya South
Poonakary Musalai Puthukkudiyiruppu Vengalacheddikulam
Nanaddan Thunukkai
Number of Beneficiaries One thousand (1000) resettled families will be selected from 20 villages within 18 Assistant Government Agent (AGA) divisions [sub-districts] in 4 districts, namely Kilinochchi, Mannar, Mullaitheevu and Vavuniya. In each village, 50 families will be selected.
Project Activities
(Brief Description)
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal will be undertaken to identify the eligible families.
  • Within each village, the participating beneficiaries will be assisted to form Self Help Groups.
  • Each participating family will receive 50 birds composed of 40 one month old chicks and 10 four month old (ready to lay egg) pullets.
  • The participating poultry farmers will also receive microcredit, up to SRL Rs. 15,000 [US$ 150].
  • A combined system of poultry housing consisting of an uncovered “enclosed area” and deep litter system is recommended to the poultry farmers.
  • The farmers will receive training in poultry health practices and will be provided with poultry medicines in order to prevent loss of birds from diseases. The birds will receive vaccination, de-worming and other diseases prevention interventions.
  • Poultry Extension Officers (PEOs) to provide extension support on a continuous basis to the participating communities.
Project Duration 3 Years
Project Implementing Organization Sewalanka Foundation and other NGOs
Source of Funds ISLF Regular Funds and Donor Grants
Project Budget US$ 503,000




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