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Income generation to widow headed families by livestock farming

International Sustainable Livelihood Foundation (ISLF)
Project Summary
Project Title Income Generation to Widow Headed Families by Promoting Livestock Farming
Project Location Vanni, Northern Province, Sri Lanka
Objectives To strengthen the livelihood of 210 widowed families (beneficiaries) in 14 villages in the Vanni region of Sri Lanka by promoting dairy farming. The project will be undertaken in three phases.
Outputs Phase I (2012) Phase II (2013) Phase III (2014) Total
Number of Beneficiaries 30 60 120 210
Number of villages benefiting from the project 2 4 8 14
Number of self Help Groups created/strengthened 2 4 8 14
Project Activities (Brief Description)
  • The project will identify the 210 widowed headed families (beneficiaries) from 14 villages within the Kilinochchi district. In each village, 15 beneficiaries will be selected to participate.
  • They will be assisted to form an informal Self Help Group (SHG). Each beneficiary will be provided with livestock which includes cows, goats and chicken depending on the preference of the beneficiaries and their ability to manage a particular kind of livestock. However, each beneficiary receiving cows will be required to donate the 1st female calf produced by the cow to another family outside the SHG.
  • Each beneficiary will be entitled to receive microcredit at established interest to be repaid in equal installments over a fixed period of time, after the second year. The maximum microcredit available to a beneficiary would be SRL Rs. 15, 000.
  • Each beneficiary will have to construct her own cattle shed/ goat pen /poultry house that is appropriate to shelter the animals
  • The project will organize veterinary services which include artificial insemination and preventive health services by making appropriate arrangements with the district and village level veterinary service which is well established in the Kilinochchi district.
  • The project will also make arrangement to market the produce such as milk, meat and eggs at the prevailing market price.
  • The project will provide training on management of the SHG, and best practices in livestock farming. The recovered microcredit will be deposited into a “revolving fund” of the project.
Project Duration 3 Years
Project Implementing Organization Sewalanka Foundation and other appropriate NGOs
Source of Funds ISLF Regular Funds and Donor Grants
Project Budget US$ 140,000




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